These general terms and conditions apply to offers and sales on the website www.webulbs.eu owned by We Bulbs Srl P.IVA(VAT) – C.F.05374730280, registered office in Via Enrico Fermi 12, 35010 Curtarolo (PD), Italy, from now on Webulbs.eu

By using the website and purchasing any item, you automatically accept the present General Terms and Conditions of products/services.

You are kindly requested to read the following General Terms and Conditions before any purchase.

Webulbs.eu reserve their right to modify the present General Terms of Use at any time to offer new products and services and/or to comply with new laws and regulations. Users are subject to the policies and General Terms and Conditions in force at the moment they are using  www.webulbs.eu


2.                        DEFINITIONS

    General Terms and Conditions of Sale regulate the sale and purchase of products on www.webulbs.eu

    Webulbs.eu  is the subject offering products/services.

    Clients are subjects who purchase products/services and may be Customers or Professionals

    Orders are  requests  Clients  make  to  the  Seller  to  purchase  a product on the website.

    Products are objects or services for sale.


3.                       ACCOUNT REGISTRATION

Creating an account on www.webulbs.eu enables users to access services more quickly.

Users must ensure the data they provide are correct and complete, and must communicate any modifications immediately. Users may access and modify their personal details at any time in the section “My account” of the website.

Users must also keep their access data (username and password) confidential. Within the limitations provided for by law, users are responsible for all the activities carried out on their accounts. They must promptly advise webulbs.eu if they believe any third party knows their password, or if their password is or is going to be used in unauthorised ways by emailing privacy@webulbs.eu.

We reserve the right to block access or shut down the account of users whose behaviour constitutes a justified reason for doing so. In particular, this may occur when there is a breach in the law, in applicable contract terms, in webulbs.eu guidelines and policies. Despite this limitation or shutdown, users may request documents regarding the products and services purchased up to that time.


4.                       PURCHASE PROCEDURE

Purchase of products is restricted to buyers over 18 years of age.

Registration credentials (email address and password) must be preserved carefully and may be used exclusively by the user. Users must promptly inform webulbs.eu if they suspect or learn that their credentials have been used or divulged inappropriately by emailing privacy@webulbs.eu

Registered users must ensure that the personal information provided upon registration to webulbs.eu is complete and truthful.

The product/products selected for purchase must be added to the cart and the guided purchasing procedure followed. If not registered, users will be required to insert their personal as well as shipping/billing information, and choose the type of delivery and payment among the available options.

Webulbs.eu reminds all Clients that product availability is subject to variations according to the number of users that wish to purchase the same product and its stocked quantities.

Correct order reception is confirmed by an automatically-generated email to the email address provided by the Client upon registration.

Order Confirmation will contain

-          All the shipping data provided by the Client (first name, last name, address)

-          Date and time of order reception

-          product description and quantity (characteristics, price, etc)

-          an order code to be used in any communication with webulbs.eu

Clients must check their order is correct and inform info@webulbs.eu of  any inaccuracy.

Clients may verify their order status at any time by accessing their personal account in the “order history” section. If necessary, they may modify their order or cancel it before it is processed, i.e., when it isn't yet in its “preparation” stage, by emailing info@webulbs.eu

Withdrawal rights notwithstanding, we remind customers that orders of personalized or made-to-order products cannot be cancelled.

Once an order is received, webulbs.eu will process it as soon as possible, usually on the same day if orders are placed before 12.30pm*

*indicatively, not guaranteed

When webulbs.eu hands the parcel to its courier, the latter will mark it as “shipped”, and the client will receive an email containing

-          all the shipping data provided by the Client (first and last name, address)

-          product description and quantity (characteristics, price, etc)

-          order code

-          link and code for shipment tracking

Webulbs.eu reserve their right to reject or cancel orders at their discretion, including, but not limited to, orders from users with whom they have ongoing legal disputes; from users who previously violated the general terms and conditions; from users previously involved in any kind of fraud (especially those associated with credit card payments); from users who provided false or incomplete credentials or sent invalid documents.

For any order placed with www.webulbs.eu, Clients will receive the order details. As regards billing, the information used will be contained in the billing address provided by the Client. In this regard, Clients accept that billing will be in electronic format.


5.                       PRODUCT INFORMATION

Every product comes with a description of its characteristics. This data sheet also contains information about its availability, and is constantly updated.

However, our website may be visited by several users, and the same product can be ordered at the same time. Some products may temporarily appear to be sold out or not immediately available.

The images and descriptions on webulbs.eu reproduce the characteristics of the items for sale as faithfully as possible. Despite that, colours and sizes may look different depending on the users' computer settings. Images should therefore be intended as approximate. For the purposes of the purchasing contract, the description in the product data sheet and the order confirmation placed by the user shall prevail.


6.                       PRICES

All prices on our website include VAT, unless the product is shipped to a country outside the EU. All prices are in Euro.

Although Webulbs.eu reserve their right to modify product prices at any time and without notice, the prices charged to customers are those indicated on the website at the time the order is placed, and any changes (increases or decreases) occurred after checkout shall be ignored. Price modifications may occur even after purchase if, due to clear material mistakes, the prices shown on webulbs.eu are objectively incongruous with the usual market prices of those same products. In that case, clients may withdraw from the purchase contract without penalty.


7.                       PAYMENT METHODS

Payment of products, services and shipping costs may be made by debit or credit cards (VISA, Master Card, Maestro, V-pay ) and PayPal.

-          DEBIT AND CREDIT CARDS : When paying by credit card, clients are charged   automatically upon submitting their order and payment is successful only after authorisation by the issuing bank.

-          PAYPAL when choosing this option, clients are redirected to the PayPal login page. In this case their PayPal accounts are charged as soon as the transaction is concluded. Payments are accepted only when Clients receive an email from PayPal regarding the transaction.

-          MASTERPASS When choosing to pay by Masterpass, Clients are redirected to the Masterpass login page at checkout. To confirm payment, they may be asked to verify their identity with a code they receive on the mobile phone they provided when registering at that bank. Payment is successful only when authorised by the bank.

Personal data are not processed by our servers or staff, only by the banking system, and they are not stored in any database. Transactions occur via secure and encrypted channels.

Clients are kindly requested to keep record and print their payment details if they wish to store the information regarding their bank transactions.


8.                       PRODUCT DELIVERY

Webulbs.eu deliver their products only within Italy at the moment Pick up at our stockhouses is impossible.

Orders are processed as soon as we receive the total amount due. Should payment be incomplete or null, the order is suspended and the user is notified.

Orders placed by 12.30pm are generally processed on the same day with the addition of the delivery time which varies according to the type and destination of delivery (approximately 2-3 working days* for destinations within Italy). Made-to-order or custom orders may require longer lead times as indicated by the seller in the product data sheet.

*approximate, not guaranteed delivery times

Although at webulbs.eu we constantly strive to offer their Clients fast and safe deliveries, despite our efforts, the estimated shipping and delivery times may change. They are therefore intended as approximate and cannot be relied on.

Shipping costs are charged to the recipient unless otherwise indicated or in particular cases. The costs may vary according to ongoing offers and bargains.

Delivery costs of specific orders may vary according to delivery destinations. They are clearly shown (in Euro, including VAT) during the purchasing process, in the order summary and always at checkout.

Products are delivered to the address provided by Clients in their orders (shipping address) and delivery occurs, unless otherwise specified, from Monday to Friday at usual working hours (from 9am to 6pm) except for national holidays. Delivery is intended as curbside. Delivery is not intended as to your floor and does not include assembly of the sold items. Some couriers may offer additional services such as the possibility to modify delivery dates and address up to a few minutes before delivery proper, keep your parcel in stock or deliver it to a pick-up point. These options are available on the couriers' applications and websites.

Clients may be informed by email of the date their parcel was picked up by the transport company and the data to track the shipment.

Webulbs.eu uses different tracked shipping services. Clients can check at any time the shipping progress by using the code and links provided.

Users acknowledge that product pick up is an obligation deriving from the purchase contract.

Should delivery not occur because the recipient was not at the address specified in the order, couriers could try a second time or leave an in- stock note in the mailbox indicating the pick-up or in-stock point nearer to the shipping address, from which Clients can pick up their parcels at their own cost.

Users are requested to pick up their products within the time range indicated by the carrier. Once that period elapses, products are returned to the sender and all shipping costs are charged to the user.

In particular cases Webulbs.eu could set some restrictions to users if this situation repeats itself.

The Seller cannot be held responsible for delivery errors due to incomplete or inaccurate data provided by users in their orders (e.g., incomplete or wrong address, missing phone number, etc.)



Ordered products belong to webulbs.eu until paid for in full.

The Consumer's rights towards the carrier are protected should product loss or damage be caused by the latter.

When returning goods, Clients are responsible for the items as custodians. Should the item be damaged or destroyed in that period, Clients are held liable.

When returning the goods, Clients must check

-          That the number of items corresponds to those indicated in the order

-          That the package is not tampered with (not wet, pierced, bent or other)

Possible exterior damage or mismatched number of items must immediately be contested in writing to the delivery driver, by writing “GOODS SUBJECT TO INSPECTION DUE TO...(the reason) on the proof of delivery receipt that the courier asks the Client to sign. For example, the Client can write “GOODS SUBJECT TO INSPECTION DUE TO DAMAGED PARCEL” Or “GOODS SUBJECT TO INSPECTION DUE TO ONE UNDELIVERED PARCEL”, etc.

If Clients  accept Products without contesting them, they cannot complain about missing items or transport damages  later.

If products inside the parcel are broken or damaged, Clients should request to return them on www.webulbs.eu within 5 days* from delivery.

*intended as calendar days. The date indicated in the shipment tracking will be used as delivery date.

Webulbs.eu will also require Clients to provide info@webulbs.eu with the following information

-            order reference number

-            copy of the document provided to the courier labelled as “Goods subject to inspection”

-            Photos of the transport damages

-            damage description

Once all the information is received and analysed, webulbs.eu will send Clients instructions to return the goods if this is the case, and will then reimburse them or send them a substitute product free of charge.

Any communication of damaged or incomplete delivery received after 5 working days* will not be considered.

*intended as calendar days. The date indicated in the shipment tracking will be used as delivery date.


10.                    CONSUMER RIGHTS

Clients/Consumers who purchased products on webulbs.eu may withdraw from the finalised contract with the Seller without penalties, indicating their reasons within 14 days* from product delivery.

*intended as calendar days. The date indicated in the shipment tracking will be used as delivery date.

The right to cancel does not apply if the goods sold were made to order. To find the product code and the quantity to return, from “your account”, click on order history, then order details. In the section Returning Items, Clients must clearly explain the reason why they have decided to return the product/s ordered (wrong, broken, faulty item).

Webulbs.eu will analyse the request upon receiving it.

Clients are responsible for all return fees, except for particular cases.

In no case or circumstance are webulbs.eu responsible for shipping fees of items to destinations different from the original delivery address or outside Italy.

The following guidelines apply to returns and refunds:

     The right to return applies solely to goods returned in full. No partial returns are accepted.

     To return your goods, webulbs.eu will choose for you the most advantageous shipping method according to the weight and size of your items.

     Refunds do not include bank transaction fees.

For all return requests within the terms provided, Consumers will receive an email containing the instructions to return the goods. After filling in the return form, please check your email (even your spam or junk mail boxes). If no email is received within 24 hours, please contact customer service at info@webulbs.eu

Products to be returned must be shipped within fourteen (14) days* from return authorisation. All items must be returned in the same condition as received. They must be carefully protected and wrapped in their original package, together with all their accessories, instructions, documents and enclosures, otherwise they will not be refunded.

*intended as calendar days. The date indicated in the shipment tracking

Webulbs.eu is not responsible for data and objects mistakenly forgotten by Clients inside the product or the package of the returned item.

Items purchased as “new” must be returned intact, unopened, unused and undamaged. Items received as “faulty”or “broken” must not show signs of further wear other than those found upon delivery, otherwise they will not be refunded in full or partially.

Items must be carefully packaged in their original package to limit damages to the original package, please place it, if possible, inside a bigger one and apply only transparent adhesive tape to the original package.

Do not forget to include inside the package a copy of the waybill and a copy of the return receipt sent by webulbs.eu to allow us to identify you as a Client.

A legible second copy of the waybill must be attached on the package exterior.

Product storage until it is handed over to the courier or pick-up point is under the full responsibility of the Client, who will reimburse any damages except those sustained by the carrier (see risk transfer and transport damages)

We therefore recommend keeping a copy of the waybill signed by the carrier.

Once webulbs.eu receive the product and check all the terms for the refund have been complied with and the item and package are intact,

only then will they communicate (as soon as possible and in any case, within 5 days*) the positive or negative outcome of the return claim.

*intended as calendar days. The date indicated in the shipment tracking will be used as delivery date.

Clients will be informed by email of the progress of their return claim and may always track it from “Your account” by clicking on “product return”. Credit notes issued by webulbs.eu are available at “credit notes”. Should the product not comply with our return policy, Clients may lose their right to be refunded if:

-          The request was sent after 14 days* from the delivery of products as “new” or 5 days* after the delivery of “broken” or “faulty” goods.

-          The parcel was not sent within 14 or 5 days* from return authorisation.

-          The item the Client returned as “new” has actually been used, is damaged, or in any case cannot be put up for sale.

-          The item the Client has returned as “faulty” or “damaged” shows further damage to the one disclosed, and may not be fixed.

-          The accessories, documents and enclosures indispensable for the functioning of the returned item are missing.

*intended as calendar days. The date indicated in the shipment tracking will be used as delivery date.

Clients will be entitled to partial refunds in the following cases:

-          The goods returned are incomplete (missing items)

-          The product is not returned with all its accessories, documents and enclosures.

-          The product shows slight damages the Client has not disclosed

-          The product returned as faulty does not show any actual faults. In this case Clients will be refunded of the product value (not of shipping fees incurred)

In any of these cases users will be notified as soon as possible by email at the address provided upon registration.

11.                    PRODUCT WARRANTY

Every product sold on webulbs.eu is protected by the Consumer Sales and Guarantees Directive 1999/44/EC (CSGD)  on  consumer  goods,  which covers conformity defects appearing within 24 months from the date of delivery for the Client-Consumer. In order to claim it, Clients must inform webulbs.eu of the fault within 2 months from finding it.

For Clients – Professionals the warranty is valid for 12 months and any non-conformity must be communicated within 8 days from finding it.

We recommend keeping a copy of the order and /or its billing note, as well as the documents confirming shipment and delivery to claim warranty on purchased goods.

Clients can claim the Conventional Guarantee only to the producer, according to art 133 of the Consumer Code

The duration and territorial scope , the terms and particulars necessary

to make claims, the types of damages/faults covered and possible restrictions to the Conventional Guarantee depend on individual producers and are indicated in the warranty certificate contained in the product package. The Conventional Guarantee has a voluntary nature and does not replace, limit, affect or exclude the Legal Warranty: Some products may also be covered by additional paid insurance policies or other forms of assistance which allow customers to have their products repaired or replaced if damaged. These are additional warranties that do not replace the legal conformity warranty.

Webulbs.eu does not affect the enforcement conditions of conventional warranties of the producer, third parties or any commercial strategy put in place by these subjects. In addition, webulbs.eu is not responsible in any way for the enforcement of obligations within the terms and conditions of third parties' conventional warranties.



Consumers' reviews provide useful information to help other users decide whether that item meets their requirements. Comments must be sincere and written by those who have already purchased that product. We invite all users to share their opinions, positive or otherwise, to ask questions and send suggestions on www.webulbs.eu

Webulbs.eu enforces  zero tolerance policy towards any review published with the intent to deceive or mislead clients. In particular, we ban

-          several negative reviews of the same product by the same client

-          reviews in exchange for money

-          reviews by the producer pretending to be an impartial buyer

-          negative reviews by sellers on competitors' products

-          decontextualised reviews unrelated to products

-          offensive comments containing swear words or intimidating language

-          spam, ads, chain letters, viruses, etc.

-          illicit contents(of a sexual or violent nature, hate speech)

-          reviews containing sensitive personal data, privacy or intellectual property violations

If users believe that the content or a sale ad posted on our website violates their rights or the website rules, they are kindly requested to inform us immediately at info@webulbs.eu. Webulbs.eu will remove them promptly.

By posting reviews, comments, questions, answers and contents webulbs.eu have the non-exclusive, free-of-charge license to use, reproduce, publish, make available, translate and modify those contents

worldwide (including third-party sub-licensing) and the right to use the user's name in connection with those contents, without prejudice to the moral rights of the author.

Users may delete their contents wherever this option is available or by contacting webulbs.eu at www.webulbs.eu

Users declare and guarantee to retain the personal ownership or the availability of all the rights associated with the contents they post.


13.                     COMMUNICATIONS

When users log into www.webulbs.eu, send emails, text messages and other communications from their computers or mobile devices, they communicate with webulbs.eu electronically.

Webulbs.eu could communicate with users in many ways, for example by email, text messages or by posting messages and communications on their website. Except for specific imperative law provisions, for the objectives of this contract, users accept that all contacts, notifications, notes and other communications that webulbs.eu provide in electronic form meet the requirements of the written form, as provided for by law.


14.                     COPYRIGHT AND DATABASE RIGHTS

The contents found on www.webulbs.eu, which is owned by We Bulbs Srl cannot be copied, reproduced, published or redistributed because they belong to the authors themselves.

Content copy and reproduction is forbidden in any way or form. The publication and redistribution of contents is forbidden unless expressly authorised by webulbs.eu

Texts, graphics, icon buttons, images, audio files, digital downloads, data and software collections all belong to We Bulbs Srl and are protected by Luxembourg laws and international laws on copyright and database rights.

Extraction and/or systematic reuse of parts of webulbs.eu services is forbidden unless expressly approved in writing by We Bulbs Srl. In particular, the use of data mining, robots or similar devices to acquire or extract files (one or many times) and the reuse of any substantial part of webulbs.eu is forbidden without their express written consent.

It is forbidden to publish databases that reproduce substantial sections (e.g., prices or product lists) of Webulbs.eu services without express written consent by We Bulbs Srl.


15.                     ONLINE DISPUTE RESOLUTION

In case Clients disagree with our suggestion to solve a problem, Webulbs.eu informs you that the European Union offers all consumers an online dispute resolution platform that you can find at https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/



All the data users provide Webulbs.eu with are used to supply services and are neither transferred nor sold to third parties. Although We Bulbs Srl, personal data treatment controller, may sometimes use external providers, they will only and always operate on behalf of We Bulbs Srl and in compliance with their regulations.

You may request to access, modify or delete your personal data at any time by emailing privacy@webulbs.eu

webulbs.eu has its own privacy policy that users are required to read carefully to be fully aware of the purposes and ways of treating your personal data when accessing our website and purchasing our products. Click here to read the document.


17.                     CONTACT INFORMATION

Customer service

Contact form Contact us on our website

 email. info@webulbs.eu

Phone: +39 351 576 0297

You can find us during working hours from 9am to 12.30pm and from 2pm to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday, excluding Italian public holidays.

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